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Anonymous says:

I used to love Applebee's. I would go there with friends about once a week for drinks / snacks / dinner / lunch. However, I will NEVER go there again!!! I went there with a friend for dinner, ordered a glass of wine before dinner, and was asked for my ID. I'm 63 years old, and they need an ID??? As a point of principle, I told the waitress to forget it; she was very rude; she earned a ZERO tip that day. I thought I would give them another chance and stopped one afternoon on my way home to get an order to go. I waited 15 minutes at the front door. NO one ever came to ask me what I wanted, if I needed something, or if they could take my order; no one even came to seat me. The restaurant was empty, except for a couple of tables in the bar. A group of employees was standing at the back by the bar talking to the bartender. They saw me, but they never came to even speak to me. I'm done with Applebee's!!! Neither I nor any of my friends will ever go there again. As far as we are all concerned, they may as well close their doors!
Robert Warvesyn says:

Just to inform you as to the Staten Island Resturant Rip-off..
I was shoppping in the Richmond ave Mall and decideded to visit your store for a drink and something to eat.I ordered a SHAMBORG & absolute on the rocks and my friend ordered a beer,when when the shamborg arrived I asked the waiter to add a little more Shamborg to the drink which he did.When the bill arrived I looked at 13.20 plus 7.10 extra for that one drink =20.30 called for the mgr explained the matter he states that was the price charged. 1-516-220-4580 cell #


Anonymous says:

The Lorain Ohio Store on Leavit Road has bad customer service. And the manager Andrew Magel needs some training in customer service. The mess up my order two nights in a row. And he was rude. I think I will call the local newspaper and TV stations and report how bad they treat customers.
Jennifer Williams says:

My family and I came to our local Applebee's last night for dinner, when we arrived we were seated by the hostess who was very nice. However we remained seated for at least 20 minutes and no one came to our table. When the hostess came to seat someone else we asked her to send over our server, the hostess got our drink order and took about 10 minutes to bring our drinks she asked us had our server come by yet, but she had not. The hostess then took our food order, it took 35minutes to get our order (the store wasn't even half full by the way). Not one person came by to check on us, we ran out of drinks we ordered steaks and needed steak sauce, we also needed new silverware for my daughter as hers was dirty. We sat there for at least 45 minutes finally the manager walked by I told her what happened, her response was if your server is who I think it is then I am sending her home. I replied well did you not give her tables to someone else to take, she said well let me go investigate the situation. She came back about 10 minutes later and said that it was the server she thought it was. She said can we make a deal, I'll comp your meal if you will come back. I was not looking for a free meal I just wanted some service, you manager needs more training on how do deal with upset customers as well as running your business. I have worked in the food service industry and have never had any kind of problems like this. Your company really needs to work on customer service as well as getting food out of the kitchen in a timely manner.. The Applebee's I went to is in Brunswick, Georgia ( there is only one ) on Altama Connector. This happened on 3/19/12 between 6:40_8:15pm my email is, Please email me back
Mrs. Leaks says:

My husband and I went to Applebee's in Matteson, IL. We experienced the worst service ever at any restaurant. First of all, the very inexperienced, young waittress never even acknowledged me, she only acknowledged my all times! My husband and I noticed and he even tried to get her to acknowlegdge me by telling me to order and talking directly to her but she looked at me for a quick second then went back to asking my husband questions instead of me! She just refused to acknowledge me for some strange reason! It could also be that my husband is black and....well..I am not! I'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that one. Then, my husband ordered a margarita with easy ice. He got the Margarita half full. He asked the waitress why it was half full? She said something about the recipe calls for more ice etc. This did not sit well with him so, he asked for the manager. The manager said the same thing about the recipe calling for more ice thus the ice filling the glass and because he'd asked for easy ice, he got the half full Margarita. Okay..he decided against the Margarita and asked for a long island iced tea easy ice instead. the glass came completely full.......but, it tasted like a Margarita! The color was off and it just tasted wrong for a long island iced tea! We think they went back and just poured the Margarita he'd ordered before and poured into a different glass and called it the long island iced tea he then ordered! Then we got our food. My pasta was bland and dry. His ribs were burnt and small and overpriced. We were just very disatissfied with everything. We will not be going back there again. HORRIBLE!

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