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Anonymous says:

Mitchell Sands is a creep and is making a name for himself as a pathetic loser in NJ. The only reason he has the business is because his parents purchased it for him because he couldnt hold down a job on his own. Just looking at him makes me sick!!!! Wash that disgusting gel out of your hair! It looks like a sanatation problem. Also, be ware customers if you are an attractive person he will eye ball you! Ugh, just creepy and weird. Too bad he couldnt make it on his own and mommy and daddy had to step in. One time he suggested that we hang out on my days off. Mitchell, please dont make this any more awkword than it needs to be. You get enough regection in your life. We all think you are grossssss!
Anonymous says:

Mitchell Sands is the worst business man I have ever encountered. He is greedy, rude, disrespectful, belittles his employees and talks to them as if they are idiots. The only idiot is him! It's a shame that hard working passionate employees end of quitting because he is intolerable to deal with. He screws up almost every single paycheck, either underpaying or than claiming he has been overpaying for months and everyone owes him a large amount of money. He definately gives hand and stone a bad name, I don't even see how he is still allowed to own not one, but two hand and stones after seeing all these comaints about him. He does not deserve the hard working loyal employees he has, that is the ones he has left since half of them quit!
Former employee says:

Mitchell Sands is a dirty, low, cheating businessmen with no respect to his employes especially his female staff.
He constantly harasses you and trys to make you feel like your always doing something wrong or not the way he wants. Mitch needs to stay away from the Spa business and leave it up to real therapist with real intenstions.
Not underhanded business techniqes and threats. Its really ashame to see good therapist get roped in unwittingly by this two faced lier who promises you'll make alot money but in reality your pay is getting shorted every pay period. DO NOT WORK FOR MITCHELL SANDS HE WILL ROB YOU BLIND, CHEW YOU UP AND SPIT YOU OUT!

Anonymous says:

I have noticed really unapplaudable behaviors within massage ethics we all should hold true by. This company is a major franchise in the massage industry and they allow their ethics to go to the waist side, which in turns create a very unprofessional and not so clean environment for me, other therapists or any current clients. I know when you fill creme containers to clean the spoon every time, I know to sanitize and clean the hot towel cabbies and all surfaces after every massage, I know to properly clean hot stone after every client & empty out the water, I know not to make hot towels in the sink that is used to also clean dishes of employees, I know to clean the bottles/container after every massage, I know that washing lines with out bleach is not healthy, but do high end corporate franchises understand that the price of making money continually will soon fail if your not servicing your clients in an clean establishment?

My deepest worry is for myself, the other therapists and the clients of our community. They have their protocol for hot stones to spray a natural antimicrobial on the stones while in the water after every client. This is a facility that pushes out 100+ clients a day...would you go there?? and further more the clients and the community DO NOT KNOW that these dangers are present.

Anonymous says:

Manager in Turnersville recently stormed out. Pay is all screwed up. People quitting in what seems like weekly. Looks like the same as what goes down in may landing.

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