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Anonymous says:

We just got a new Harris Teeter store in Goldsboro. In order to get a Vic card, we have to provide them with either a driver's license number with issuing state, or a state id# or a military id# plus a date of birth and of course, name and adddress. I refuse to hand over that information to them; especially a military id#. With all of the identify theft these days, I will just shop elsewhere.
A desperate shopper says:

I am begging you to open a store in Granville county NC. We are stuck with Food Lion and Wally World as our only options. Whenever I am in Wake Forest I shop there but as it is 36 miles from my home that is not exactly convenient on a regular basis. I don't know if the Wake Forest store is typical but the store is nice and the people are really helpful. My first experience there was an accident as I just ran in to buy something on my way home but that first experience hooked me. Whoever runs that store is first class.
Angry says:

I'm with Harley Trent. There is NO conceivable reason why a GROCERY STORE needs your name, address, phone number, and DRIVER'S LICENSE number!! They only do that so they can sell that info to health insurance companies. Your insurer sees that you've been buying a lot of beer, cigarettes and bacon and charges you more. But it doesn't end there......
Martha Hutson says:

I have been shopping at Harris Teeter in Salisbury, NC for six years. Two months ago, when there was a tasting of cantaloupe, a woman dumped a piece of cantaloupe on the floor, and I was several steps behind her but didn't see what she did. I stepped on the fruit, slid more than a foot, struggled to stay upright, and fell on the floor, with my cart on top of me. I sustained a cut on my shin and wrenched my back, aggravating my arthritis. The store manager called the next day to ask how I was, and I told him I had forgotten to buy Vitamin D. He kindly brought me a bottle to my house, a mile from Harris Teeter. I saw my doctor a few days later and had x-rays of my back. Recovery was slow and painful. Ten days after my fall, I asked the store manager if he would give me a gift card to, in a small way, compensate for my pain and suffering. He refused. I have since discovered that WalMart and Food Lion have almost all the items I used to buy at Harris Teeter.
By the way, I am 77 years old. My fall was very scary. I feel unappreciated as a customer.

Current Employee says:

I have been working for harris teeter for 1 year and three months. I myslef have had some SERIOUS problems with HT. I work at at store in Cary, NC where people with money are STUCK UP and rude. I work in the meat department, and recently my pay has increased, but unfortunately; my manager failed to input my pay correctly, and this is the 4th time this has happened. HT overall is an average grocery store chain, the majority of the managers treat employess like trash because they know some of us need our jobs more than others.
HT managers only care about; LP audits, health inspections, and whenever Ricardo(District Manager) or Craig Mckenzie(Central Region Manager) comes to the store. The pay is not bad, but the hours SUCK!!!. My store manager actually told me that he hires so many people in the store, and especially my department because he wants to keep "labor down".
With more employees working in a store, less hours for employees like me who need atleats 20 hours to live on. The culture at HT is bad, employee morale is very low, and yet Harris Teeter has enough money to send store managers and execs to the Bahamas?, our pay is at an all time low, but you send over 300 PEOPLE to the BAHAMAS for a "sales meeting"?. Oh yeah, it was all expenses paid trip by the way.


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