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Melissa Mocogni says:

Visiting Orlando, ran into LJS on Michigan Ave. I ordered and realized the add ons would cost more than if I got a bigger meal. The clerk didn't offer the other meal and seem bothered when I tried to change the order. When I got to the window, apparently adding one piece of fish requires a managers approval blah blah blah. Then you have to drive around and wait. While waiting, 4 employees were outside hanging out and one of them had his pants hanging below his underwear. It was disgusting. Who lets their employees dress like that? When we got on the highway, we realized they shorted us a piece of fish and the hushpuppies and fries were so greasy and cold they were inedible.

I sent LJS an email 3 days ago and they didn't have the courtesy to respond. You just lost another customer.

david lockett says:

i david lockett went tothe long johns in temple and i experience an encounter inever thought could happen.i order the family meal and the lady who took my order was very unprofessional and treated me with respect as acustomer.she got my food together than she said anything else i said yes plates napkins and condiments.she yell ,dontrush me!i look at my kids and she come to the window and said ,u heard what i said ,and this time i said look lady whats your trip ,and she stuck her tongue out being so rude and more disrespectful,so i ask for a manager and the guy come to the window and he apologize for her and said i cant do anything she is a manager just like i am.so he walked off and i ask for my money back and she got louder and said ,u got to have your receipt!i said i got it and we started arguing and wouldnt bring me my money so i parked my car and me and my kids went inside.i waited for them to refund me and when i look the police pulled up to the restaurant.
Megan says:

I was appalled at the service I received from your Seymour, In store. I will NEVER go back, even if my life depended on it!! There was no customers in dine-in or drive thru. I was rushed at the speaker, only to sit at the window for 15 minutes. I tell them I want condiments when I hand the girl my money, then she gives me my change and slams the window. Then proceeds to use the same dirty money hands to cook my food, when there is a sink right behind her. I finally get my food and I have dried slaw on my plate, bc I asked for hush puppies instead and they forgot and just wiped it out, but yet left quite a bit still on my plate and thru my puppies on top of it. Then the lady gives me 3 ketchups with $20 of food! I ask her nicely for a few more, she tosses 2 more at me in my car, then slams the window in my face! I said "that's alright, I will be contacting the manager." Ad I start to pull away she opens the window and throws her head out yelling "What the FU*K did you just say to me?" It took everything I had to keep my composure. She is lucky that window was between us and I had my FIVE YEAR OLD with me!!! Words cannot describe the kind of service I received. We lice in a small town and I know alot of people, you better believe your number of customers just significantly dropped, even more than they have in the past year. I'm surprised ita still even here!!
Jim says:

I don't know what has happened to LJS. It appears I am not the only person having a problem with the food. My family stopped at the Washington Court House, Ohio store. The food was swimming in oil, the breading was uncooked on the inside, the fish and chicken pieces were smaller and, the crumbs were drenched in oil. I called the district rep. three times and no response. We used to enjoy eating at LJS, but I believe this will be the last. I will try Captain D's and see what happens there. I wish LJS would return to a QUALITY product. If the quality of food served continues as I have been reading here. I do not see Long John Silver surviving long. The fast food business is a dog eat dog business. GET WITH IT LONG JOHN SILVER

I wish I could post the photos I have what an oily mess

Mr.Barton says:

Your resturant in Bryan,Texas is gotta be the worst there is. The resturant is filty nasty dirty and the customer service has to be the worst i've seen in my 51 years of life. I fully entend to contact the Texas health department. As well on a prior visit i was shorted part of my order and when i called the manager who was a male told me to mention it on my next visit and i would be taken care of. On 1/13/12 i revisted the resturant which was even more filthy dirty and was treated like a liar and bum who came in trying to get free food. The cashier just laughed and was giggling the whole time. When i spoke to the manager on duty i got the same response from her. I was more then pissed off and told the both of them that i would contact the corporate office in regards to this. I was told by the manager who said word for word i dont care what you do. They young african american girl who was not even in uniform started laughing and walked away. There was an elderly lady and gentlemen sitting there and the lady said you should call in on them like were going to do. I told them i would do exactly that. Being completely honest i didnt think it was possible to be treated this way in a resturant. At the age of 51 if i have to go into a place and lie to be able to get a free piece of fish i think i would just give up on life. Long John Silvers you need to act on this because, i promise you and this is not a threat i will contact the Health Department and i will tell everyone i know and beg them to tell everyone they know about this horrible experience and hopefully together the citizens of this community can do what we can to have this nasty filthy resturant put out of business. You people should be ashamed of this. I wouldnt after what i saw again let my dog eat nothing from that place. Long John Silvers your customer service stinks and this along with this filthy resturant is a direct reflection on how this company operates. You dont even have a number for your customers to call and make compliments or complaints which iam sure its because you dont care. Good luck with your company and i hope someday you reestablish the quality resturants that we grew up with. Your the worst and until the day i die i will inform as many people as i possibly can about this experience and why they should not eat at your resturants. A dirty resturant with employees who are nothing but, smart asses equals nothing but, substandard food that makes people sick when they eat it.. LOng John Silvers wake the hell up and do whats right here. Fire that smart ass mouth manager and cashier and clean that filthy ass nasty resturant up. Finally again i will contact the Texas health department to see what they can do. Former custome. Mr. Barton

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