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Sadly Disappointed says:

I have a 2011 Mercedes Glk with only 13,000 miles on it. Took it to the dealer to have brakes checked and they told me that the rotors are very rusted on both sides. The cause they claim is because I kept it in a heated garage. I could replace them for $1200 or they will do their best to clean them up. I have kept 3 Park Avenues, 1 Oldsmobile Bravada and a Nissan Murano in this same garage over the years and have never had this issue. Very disappointed in my Mercedes.
Harrison Lang says:

I brought the Mrecedes Benz for my wife in 2005 this car has so many problems. every year I bring it in for inspection and it always something worry with it. You would think because it a benz it will be ok but thats not the case. Mercedes is junk I have wasted my money on this car. Two years later I brought a Toyota lexus the best car ever and the Benz has only 45000 miles and in service every year. We I wish there was a class action law suit on the defect benz because Mercedes is not what they say it is.
Tonica N. Wells says:

When I came to purchase my car a brand new E500 4Matic in 2005 my daughter and I both were there to purchase a brand new Mercedes . I put 25,000.00 down and my daughter was going to put 10,000.00 we tried to get a discount for Two cars they wouldn't budge to give us a deal. I also notice that when other buyers were purchasing a car the photograph them with the car and they also gave them gifts . I recieved nothing .i felt like I had been treated differently because of my color. The first year I drive my car to myrtle Beach something went on the car and It had to be serviced out There which I was given a loaner car. I had nothing but hell with my Benz and so did my sister who purchase a S500 the following year she sued and won her case.the tires also went in the first year. Recently I took my car to be service on April 3,2012 because the dash board lights kept coming on. and was charged 3,000.00 .my sister inlaw past so I had to drive to NC. I had to return the car 2 days later for the same problem I was given a loaner car but I could not use it to go to NC because my plan was not to turn back around after a long drive. So I had to ride with someone else . On April 8 th I got a called from Rich /Tony they told me that it will cost 500.00 for repairs because they found the problem and they would pay half of the cost which was 250.00 . I said its not fair that I have to pay anything when the car is doing the same thing when I brought it there in the first place.I then was told it was something else. The car had been diagnosed in the beginning and the problem was suppose to be fixed when they charged me 3,000.00. I never had a repair done on anything and not given a price before hand of cost . When I ask for the cost of service I was told it would not be 3,000.0" and that I was getting a 20% discount when I went to pick up my car it was 3,000.00 we were lied to .and mistreated . My daughter and I were looking to purchasing new cars this summer .one thing I know for sure It won't be purchased in Paramus NJ. By the way my daughter brought her car from Ray Catena they treat her with respect and the gifts she got when she purchased her car unbelievable everyone was treated the same. My car this time will probably be BMW seem to meet more of the customers needs instead of there wallets for a lemon car that's boosted up to be the best,and it's not. My Jhetta never gave me a problem .mercedes lost its touch , it's class and it's workmanship .America lost its great mechanics .everyone is getting paid and satisfied except for the customers there going deeper into There pockets for crappy work.
Tonica N . Wells says:

Was told that if the lights come back on after spending 3,000.00 for repairs that they will not service my car because they did not like the message that I left . Which I said I was not going to pay for service to my vehicle that I just paid for 3 days ago for the same problem. All I was being told is that they need Thete loaner car back, and I told them I need my car back fixed and I will never bring my car to Prestiage again. So my guess is when I pick up the car they probably will make sure that I have problems with it. Horrible treatment to me as a loyal customer . they. Order pieces for your car that they don't use on your car and theechanic probably do side jobs and sells them to other ppl to make extra money. Just liked tires the air kept coming out , they claimed that a nail was in the tire, I don't believe it because my husband had tires rotated and my car was parked a month because I have two cars . They came out with this big nail it was a joke and that was the reason air was leaking from a brand new car tire . Where are the real mechanic ???? Machines are taking over and workers have become lazy and not really knowledgable about cars . back in the day There were no diagnostic machines it was all knowledge knowing what your doing ,not taking guesses at customers expenses and time.Very disappointed Paramus Mercedes dealership
Rhonda Mahan says:

Went to Mercedes dealership in Melbourne Florida. It could not have been a better experience. They all work together as a team including the owner. It was a very relaxed transaction in a new car purchase and Im the first to say I'm a hard sell.
Thank you Shay Rowe for having such a great staff.


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