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Nelly says:

I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a pfroessoinal or just very knowledgeable?

Nelly says:

I'm impressed by your writing. Are you a pfroessoinal or just very knowledgeable?
Wendy Bunting says:

I visited a Mr. Goodcents on Barry Road in Kansas City, MO. There was a very difficult customer ahead of me giving one of the employees a hard time. He was asked to put onions on the sub then told to pick off most of them. This continued thru the entire sub making process. The young employee continue to remain calm and polite. I was very impressed with his professionalism. He didn't have a name badge on but was tall with brown/red hair and a big smile. He also make a good sub sandwich. Thanks Mr. Goodcents, you are still our favorite sub sandwich, we love your new soda machine. Congrats to the employee for remaining polite and not throwing the sub over the counter - I believe I would have!
Keith Spreckels says:

Hello. My fiancee's hometown, Belleville KS, recently got a Goodcents. We are there all the time and were wondering why you won't let them get a fun new coke machine? You know, the ones with like 100 sodas in them? It would really go over well for the town and the people of the town if they could get one. It is one of the only businesses that the town has and it is always packed with people. I know they might not do as much business as some of your other stores, but it still impacts the community just as much, or more. So, if you could consider letting them get a one of the new fangled soda machines, I, they, and the whole town would be very appreciative. Merry Christmas.
Debra Holmes and Rebecca Holmes says:

We ordered food from Mr Goodcentsat this location: 100 N 1st Street, Lincoln, Ne. They assured us our order could be paid with two forms of payment, debit card and cash. When we received delivery of our food, they indicated they had used just the debit card for payment. The debit card did not have enough money on it for the full amount of the order which was $13.99. We did however, go ahead and give them a tip of $2.00. We were told they would cover any bank charges that may result from overdrafting the account. Later, we found out the bank transferred money from the savings account to cover the cost and a $10.00 fee was charged for doing so. I called the location and spoke with Ande Graterol, the manager on duty, she was not empathetic to our concern, rememberd the transaction was to be made in two forms of payment, but, the new associate on duty failed to do it correctly. She does not feel they are responsible for the error and refused to reimburse us for the $10.00 service charge from the bank. She was extremely uncooperative and I asked for the corporate phone number. I know it does not sound like much, but, when we were told they would do the payment this way, we expected it to be done correctly. Because an associate was new is not an excuse. Since this was an unusual transaction for a new employee you would think the manager would have taken the time to show the new associate how to do it correctly.. I asked her why she did not oversee this, she said she was busy with other problems in the store. I think this should be looked at if for no other reason than this was poor customer service. I asked her if customer loyalty meant anything to her or Mr. Goodcents and she stated only that they were not responsible foe the error, when they clearly were. We will no longer be patrons of Mr. Goodcents for the fact the error was made and we were told we would be compensated for it, and the uncaring way in which my complaint was handled by the manger on duty. If you would like to contact me, my email address is: Thank you.

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