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Susana Rivera says:

Warning: I'm not a good writer but I'll try my best.

I bought the NetZero hotspot device on a Friday, three days later on Monday I logged into my bank account just to check on this transaction and there it was $76.58 (price of the device $49.98 plus $19.95 for S&H), then I noticed another charge for $18.66 and I no idea what that was so I called them (NetZero). I was told that charge was for the monthly service, I told the CSR I hadn't even received the device, to cancel the service, give me a refund and an address to return the hotspot. The CSR refused to cancel the service, issue a refund or give me their address. She told me the device was mine, they don't take returns then directed me to their "Terms and Conditions" that I should've read before I made the purchase. I told her it didn't say anything about billing the monthly service days BEFORE I get the gadget. I called my bank, explained my issue, they gave me give me a credit for both charges. I called NetZero one more time to get their address and again they refused.
About a month later (a few days ago) I noticed less money in my checking account then I see they had reversed the charges, the merchant had 45 to dispute the claim so they did. Thank God I bank with Chase, they've always helped me with whatever issues I have. Anyway, I explain to him the whole story again, it sounded like he couldn't believe that NetZero would do this then he tells me he has to call NetZero then puts me on hold. had refused to give me an address then he puts me on hold. Several minutes later he comes back, tells me that he spoke with some big shot (I forgot what his title was, might as well be Moron) This moron agreed with the Bank Rep to refund the monthly fee but refused to give him their address. Another claim was opened and I was given a credit for the whole amount again.
These people (NetZero) are very shady for lack of a better word, anyway, after searching the web for their address their Corporate Offices will have to do.
I'm returning the hotspot there and hopefully they won't have the audacity of refusing or returning it to me.

Jim says:

I am very unhappy with net zero.
After 15 + years, I switched to DSL (cheap but unreliable) from Hi Speed (cheap but unreliable) and from regular dial up (cheap but slow but very reliable). The dial up worked best - slow but reliable. The DSL works for 1 hour then it freezes. I was instructed to turn off the modem box, turn it on, turn it off turn it on, reset - until it works but nothing works beyond 1 hour. They blame my brand new computers - MAC lap top and and my PC desk top for the problem. I brought my computers for warranty service service and I was told there is no problem with them. They showed me while connected to their DSL (hard wire and wireless) and they are right - it works on their DSL. I was told then that the problem is with Net Zero. I was also told to get out of net zero as it is a 'crappy' service.
As the saying goes - I get what I pay for - reasonably priced/unreliable.
Can someone fix this problem? This service should be reported to the regulating agency. Is it the FCC? Or is is it the consumer protection agency in CA? I will contact some people I know to find which government agency can shut down this service for misrepresentation. I will soon find out. Class action lawsuit in the making to get our money back? Stay tuned. The rating is not even a star - it should be minus 5 stars!

Ms. T. says:

You have all these bad response for the service you provide I will try to form a class action suite against you if you don't make good on the service. Then you will be out of billions instead of the few dollars you have taken people for.
Maria says:

Can we get a minus scale for netzero customer service! I wish I would have consulted net this website before purchasing the 4G device. When you order you're connected with someone in the United States, but they rely on overseas employees to handle customer service. The customer support is beyond poor and/or inadequate. It's frustratingly substandard and outsourcing these jobs is despicable, and quite frankley un-American!

My account was canceled with out my authority or consent, after I specifically asked customer service not to until I had the opportunity to speak with a supervisor. I may as well have been speaking martian, because after one alleged attempt to contact me (as per their records) my account was canceled, and now I have to send the device back in order to get a refund. Mind you the account was canceled on April 14th and today is April 26, and had I not tried to log in, I would have never known.

Disgusting, and despicable. Shame on you NetZero, you're living up to your name!

Francis Post says:

Customer Service is poor. I needed a new DSL modem, mine stopped working. April 1 they were supposedly sending a modem out. Nothing received and today is the 10th. Now they are saying it is their distributor with the delay and they are still checking on when they are sending them out. Worst of all they send via US postal service, who expects that to get to someone fast?? Can't upgrade shipping and pay for it myself with FedEx or UPS. They sound like they are in a foreign country and have to call and check with the 'escalation team' for details. Then they just tell you what they think sounds good to get you off the line.

After calling every day or so when nothing is received, I got all sorts of screwy explanations. Some downright stupid. "You must be home to sign for this, but it's not trackable in the system". After a week of being told it's on it's way, NOW they say there is a delay they found out about yesterday. Looking into AT & T or another carrier now.


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