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Robert W. Johnson says:

I live in Upland California, the local Popeye's is located on the corner of Foothill & Benson Blvd. on Saturday April 2013, I ordered two 4 piece wings with red beans and rice. The chicken was HORRIBLE!!!!! Over cooked until it was not fit to eat!!! I'll never go there again!! I wasted $14.95 !!!!!!!!!!! It was not like the Popeye's is use to know.
Cedell Fletcher says:

9120 South Main Houston,Texas phone.....713-664-9805,
The service at this location is horrible. Orders are not received correctly by staff. Biscuit are not cook completely and silverware is not given in the order. May 29,2012, I placed an order of 2 piece chicken,biscuit small container of greens and a apple pie. I received a 2 piece with green beans,uncook biscuit and no silverware to eat with. If you are thinking about eating chicken please do not eat at this location. The Service is rated less than one.

Anonymous says:

Bought some Tea one week and lemonad the next week. Popeyes has the nastiest tea! It tasted spoiled and I returned it. I purchased some lemonade it it was so bad I'm on my way now to return it. It tase like it came from a container! A gross smell and a gross taste. This is a damn shame!!! I'm a regular customer. I take it back and they are so sorry to even offer you anything for the inconvience! This popeyes is on pioneer parkway, Arlington TX.
Beverly says:

I was at the Popeye in Memphis,TN on Hollywood Street. On the outside the advertisement on the Marquee had 2 piece chicken and biscuit for $2.49, so I went to the drive thru and ordered two of the specials, but the young lady taking the order stated that special was ovr, but I told her it was still showing and she again said it was over and put the manager on the intercom and she stated the special wa over and hadn't been changed. I told her she should still honor it because it was still on the marquee,but she tried to sell me another special for $5.99 5 piece dark, but I do not eat dark meat and she wouldn't exchange one piece fr white. Usually if a business has an advertisement that is still showing, they will honor it and then change it, but this was not done. I visit this store around 10 imes a month because I don't like to cok, but they have just lost a faithful customer.
Rhonda Reese says:

Will you please get another popeye in Wichita Falls Texas
The one you have here is so far out on Southwest parkway we need one by Sheppard Air Force Base or by the Walmart on I-44.Will yoi please think about it .Thank you I love your chicken from popeye


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