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Wes Bacastow says:

We have been purchasing Sbarro Vodka Sauce at several Kroger locations in the Atlanta area and now find that shelf location empty. What a shock, this is the best sauce we have ever tasted. If we can please be told how we ca obtain this great sauce at retail, please advise.
Frank says:

Wow! I have ate at the Sbarro Edison Mall Ft. Myers several times. I have NEVER seen a hint of roaches or ants let alone rats. This eatery is great! Employees and managent are always GREAT. I would tend to think this comment from Mary came from the other pizza establishment in the food court. A lot of competition in the food court but Sbarro by leaps and bounds better than the cardboard tasting pizza from the joint in the food court. The management at Sbarro has been nothing but proffessional with me every visit. The food always great. I would advise people reading these comments to not take them serious as this seems to be more of a vindictive or disgruntlded employee hotline! Visit Sbarro Edison Mall. The manager even offered a tour of the store which I accepted. This is a very clean and organized eatery!
Jamaal says:

I went the sbarro restaurant located in southcenter. The manger on duty she was rude and mean. I always ate here and the food they gave me was old and when i told her about the food. They were making funny on that. I hope you guys have better sersvice then that.
manager in dc md area says:

Sadly our company had become the worst restaurant in America starting from corporate all the way down to dishwasher ..pressureand more. Pressure that's all employee get in this company..we have the worst managers in the entire company..lazy they clock in and the first thing they do is give orders and go seat and the back to stuff their faces off while good employees are busting their assess care more for ur employees actually train Ur staff so you can have a successful business..

Anonymous says:

I just ate a slice of supreme pizza at the Sbarro Westminster mall location. It was reheated to a cracker-crunch and was sparseley topped with sauce and cheese and topppings. I would like to complain about the INCONSISTANCY of your chains. It is wrong that corporate allows franchise owners to alter the recipe. The one and only decent Sbarro is at the Moreno Valley Mall, where the owner divulged to me that he follows the recipe and most others do not. I will never eat at another Sbarro again. The Sbarro name is an insult to pizza coneseurs everywhere.

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