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Anonymus says:

Aren't they owned by Regis Corp.? If they are, then their management is very poor. Just by skimming through all of these reviews about supercuts it kind of sounds like Mastercuts. I was an employee at Mastercuts and they wouldn't tell us if the store would be closing or not. They finally closed at the ending of January and now I am out of a job.
Management at Mastercuts was the worst that I've experienced. My manager did not like me for some reason and she kept trying to embarasse me in front of the customers especially when she had a client in her chair. Whenever, I asked her a question she always told me to figure it out myself. I was like okay, thanks for your help. Ontop of that, she was very unprofessional, she always had stories to share about her weekend adventures that involved lots of alcohol and guys she had fun with. Really? You're the manager and you think people would like to hear that crap? When the District or Regional Manager came for her monthly visits she was always a bi#$%. She always made a scene in the store while customers were present, however she knew how to be-little some of us in front of the customers which made them very uncomfortable.
They had this thing at MC where we had to meet a quota of retail sales. If we didn't meet our monthly quota, it was mandatory that we get written up. It's like "for real?" With three write ups we are fired. Umm, I went to Cos. school to learn hair and not to really do retail as my major thing, if I wanted to be in retail I should of gone to school for business. Duh! I think this is the only way these places make their money by pushing stylist to sell retail instead of focusing on the services.
These places need to fix their manangement team and hire a professional candidate that will make good changes. These younger manager wants to be in the management team just to have the status, however they lack a lot of professionalism and respect for the ones that are hard-working or trying their best to be in this industry. I am sorry but just because these people that become managers and have more experiences then others it doesn't mean that you're entitled to treat people like nothing. You were at that point once when you came into this industry.

Anonymous says:

I worked in a Supercuts and it was the worst experience of my life! They were charging people wrongly for services they did not receive, Having employes clock out and work under other employees numbers in order to make the company more money and not get in trouble by the state for not allowing the stylists lunch. The other stylists all had filthy stations and did not even bother to clean their tools between clients! They had told me to do the same and not waste my time cleaning but I did what I knew was right and cleaned my tools regardless. They change your schedule constantly without notice and expect you to come in on your "days off". They did pay me for almost 4 weeks and I had to practically harass them daily to finally get my pay! They sell products to people knowing it won't be good for their hair just to make the money and to have to fix the damage and sell them other products. The entire company is more like a hair factory and they treat the clients like sheep to be sheered! They have no care what the cut looks like as long as they are out the door within 15 minutes! If you are an employee and try to take your time they write you up!!! Do not even bother applying for this company or get your hair done their! They will mess with your integrity! And leave your hair a mess!! The state should close them all down and put an end to this horrendous hair factory they call a salon!!! Quitting was the best thing I have ever done and I will always bad mouth them to everyone I meet!!! Hopefully whoever is reading this will heed my warning!! I'm not done, next I am going to corporate and then to the state!!!
unknown says:

Worse job in my life I urge noone ever work for them I have beeen working there a month with the manager from hellwho should not be a manager she changes the times of everyones hours to suit her needs without telling them she spends alot of time making personnal calls in the back. she charges clients for services that were not done to their hair she suggested to me to clock out look like I took a lunch break and work on clients and put her number in the computer so it looked like she did them I told her no she called me crazy has her boyfriend visit her everyday on company time told me I had to change my shift when another girl called in sick on my day off told me to seel products the clients didnt need in the short time I was there i sold 350 in products but only if i believed in them for my clients hair yelled at me for cleaning my comb sizzors brushes inbetween my clients I did it anyway because I care about my clients and will not use a dirty bruch with the clients before thems hair on it I am not a slob the wax pot is dirty and the salon is dusty and dirtynits a place from hell wanted me to ruch on my clients hair I told her no and I got yelled at shes a nasty manager who only cares about money the other girls complain about her the icing on the cake took place when before i was hired i needed three days to visit a little girl I sponcer with cancer she is in another state I was due back on Thursday my car broke down I was stranded it was 10:30 in the morning the part for the car would be in the next morning I called the manager and told her I would try to get there but try to get coverage in case my car cannot be fixed I had to wait to rent a car because my cousin sent money to cover the cost I had to wait for it I made it back the next day and I was to be at work at 2 she called me at 12:30 asking me where I was i told her my time to come in is 2 she yelled called me crazy she changes the times of all the girls working here when it suits her I know it was 2 not 12:30 I got upset and called the bigger manager well the manager from hell reached her first so I went to work and she started to call me names said I was lucky she didnt write me up for getting stranded on Thursday and said I was a liar she told the bigger manager I didnt show up really then why am I standing here at this point I quit I tried to talk to the bigger manager she said she didnt care and taht I am no longer a memeber of the salon well its their loss and they can kkep the manager from hell who is tanning instead of being there who told me to change the times on the computer to maked it look like shes there when shes not I am going to the state about alot of things that are against NYstate law especially the I cant take a luch break I am a great worker but the constant changing to the times of my shifts without telling me in addition to other things that is wrong with this place took its toll I quit she lied and told Pam I didnt show up for twio days I was there on Friday soon the lies will catch up with her Tabatha would fire all of them their stations are dirty they do alot of fooling around on company time as well and its going to be their downfall My mom sent clients to tell her what goes on there and she was appaled its their loss I belive in my work and I want to be the best I can be not work for a money hungty head factory like this hellhole so dont work for these people who charge people who didnt even get the tea treatment and charged them for it its against NY state law to charge people for things you didnt give them I want no part of lying to my clients so all you girls looking to work go apply to a salon that cares
Roxane Billiot says:

The Supercuts at the Avenues location in Jacksonville, FL is the worse salon that I have ever worked in. The manager initials H.Q. is only concerned about what man she has in her life and cares nothing about the salon. She even told me that the bathroom only has to be cleaned ONCE a week. Evey time I asked a question about my paycheck or retail commission, she had no idea of what to tell me and would never follow up with anyone to get an answer. The really sad part is that the General Manager initial M.R. totally supports her and that the owner has no clue as to what is happening in her own salon. I have been in the field of cosmetology for 21 years, so I am not new to the business and know how a salon should properly be run for client satisfaction. It is really sad when the manager is the cause of drama in the salon and not the solution to it.
Kelly says:

Super cuts really suck they have no consideration of their employes or customers do not waste ur time going to any specially in Altamonte springs in florida the district manager Joana De Jesus was very rude, when I gave her a complaint about their services. Mary Melendez the store manager has no sympathy and does not care about the store. The store itself with their stylist looks like trash and there is a negative atmosphere!!! Joana ask me to leave the store after they turned my hair green and I end up at Hair salon paying more money for my color!!! Joana De Jesus and Mary Melendez should not be recognized as stylists they are not proffessional and just make the salon suck!!!

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