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Noreen Nakamoto says:

3 stones were changed in my jewelry. one they said they polished out the scratches and cleaned it,next call cooperate and complain, then the 3rd, don't understand how the stone got loose we will send it to the jeweler and have it fixed???? why are they touching my jewelry, I pawned them not sold them???????so now I have to wait 2- 3 weeks for them to fix my ring and it's not the same stone, the corners don't even match. they gave me a number to call, but I cant find it....I so upset, these are gifts from my son that is no longer on this earth

`Your store on Las Vegas Blvd is one that you should never ever admit is a part of Super Pawn. Last May, my husband and I were in Las Vegas on Business. My jacket and wallet were stolen. We were forced to pawn several items of jewelry. I went to your store on St. Louis. I had the pleasure of dealing with an educated, intelligent and customer service oriented employee. I explained our delima. He offered a solution wherein we sent a money order for the loan and fees, along with their cost to ship my jewelry to me. I guess he could have addeded a bunch of garbage fees but he chose to ask for what was reasonable and fair. I sent him exactly what he requested and had my jewelry within a week. My husband had the misfortune of dealing with your store on Las Vegas and the employee from hell Susan Johnson. (assuming that she gave her correct name) We already prepared the envelope with everything we knew your store wanted as we learned from your store on Saint Louis. For what ever reason, as we attempted to ask how much money we owned, we got bombarded with a series of demands from Susan such as: You have to send your ID you know, or we can't it without money- just challenge after challenge for absolutely no reason. My husband (who doesn't deal well with people like this) finally threw down the phone in frustration and anger. I tried to reason with this woman. I said, Look, we already know what we need to send. Our question was merely how much money do we need to send (upon hearing her quite excessive amount I tried to get a break down of fees to no avail) I also wanted to make sure it got sent to the correct address. We own a home in Silver Springs Nevada but for personal and business reasons would be spending several months in California. So I gave her the same address I gave the St Louis store both verbally and in writing. I discussed the charges with David in your corporate store. He did make some adjustments and explained them to me. Well, we sent our requests for our jewelry by overnight mail on the same day. I got my things in less than a week. A month passed. I called the Las Vegas blvd store and was once again stuck in a senseless arguement with Susan who's basic position was, you gave me the wrong address, it wasn't my problem, there is nothing I can do about it today, and apparently not even remotely listening to me, when I made a statement about bringing this to David in your corporate store's attention she went whaco yelling, you threatening me? David is coming here after me? She made no sense. I said listen to me. I was talking about your David in corporate. How did you get he was coming after you? You are not listening to me, wasting an incredible amount of time arguing when you don't know what you are talking about. From what I understand, you sent the jewelry to 3289 tracy blvd where it could not be delivered. You have the wrong address. Why didn't you try to call? It gives me a headache even trying to recall her stupid reasons for why nobody did anything but after she hung up on us "because she didn't have time to deal with our problems" I got a call from store manager Jessica. She wanted in a professional and proper manner to solve our problem. She explained that our box actually was shipped to Silver Springs. Well, that explained a lot. Of course nobody could sign for it, nobody lived there. Susan's claim that there was nobody to sign for it at the Tracy address was nonsence because it was a postal outlet which was also an UPS office. Everything got clairified, I get my ring this Friday and I am thrilled. That is all because of Jessica doing all the RIGHT things.
Susan absolutely does not belong dealing with the public in any way. She has no Idea how to say 'let's look at this, maybe I made a mistake' In reality, I don't think most adults care a whole lot about who made a mistake. They just want the problem solved. Maybe for some reason we gave the Silver Springs address. If we did, I am more than happy to say 'hey, I screwed up' But Susan, come hell or high water was going to prove beyond a doubt that she was perfect and incapable of any error of any kind. She did not care why my ring sat in her vault for a month. She was too busy and frankly, it was my problem. She was so incredibky rude that if I asked a simple question, she would mimic me or talk in a nauseatingly sweet voice. I pray I never have any occassion ever for any reason to deal with her again. I am not interested in an apology that she doesn't mean. I want my magic eraser that removes her or any memory of her from me.
On the other hand, dealing with manager Jessica was a breath of fresh air. I was in a state of terror when I called because I thought my ring was lost. Jessica didn't care who was right or wrong, she wanted to fix the problem. Kudos to her file for a job well done. On the other hand, nothing drives me up the wall more than a snippy clerk who not only is incorrect about what actually happened, she has no intention of finding the truth she had no interest in solving the problem and just basically want's to get rid of you as quickly as possible. But I can just bet she has her hand out on payday for that check. It's too bad you can't deduct for time wasted, customers driven away, the 10 people those customers talked to who will never set foot in her store and she should have the pleasure of spending a few days shopping and getting treated over and over the way she treats her poor victims. She would be ranting for DAYS how dare some clerk treated her as anything less than the goddess she is. She really has a problem and one day it will bite her in the butt because one company will finally have enough of her prima donna personna and be nice just long enough to be sure the door doesn't bang her in the rump on her way out.
So, Thank you Jessica, Thank you (David?) from the St Louis store and thank you to the corporate David. All I wanted was my wedding ring back. You are making that happen for me. Obviously, Susan is not typical of Super Pawn Employees.


Judy Wheelus


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