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Dolores O says:

Went to Wilsons Store #3166 sales person Ivonn wanted to purchase a jacket that I really liked they did not have my size at this store so the sales women did not want to loose the sale, she wanted to take information down so in case they have one come into the store she would call me. Than as I finished signing down all my info she than said let me call another store to see if they may have it in my size well by and behold they did Than she said she wants it, Than asked for my drivers lisc and than my card to place the order, well the nightmare began. I told her do not say my number out loud. Well she did right were my husband was standing by the register I saw a man paying attention to my card, than Ivonne moved to side trying to say it low and still did not pay attention well sure enough when she was done the secret man left and went out side with his group and sure they had a I phone. I was so scared, than after she placed the order she said it will be shipped 3 to 4 days. and I told Yvonne I am not comfortable what you did and I want a receipt she said no we don't give them I stood in the store for close to a hour waiting for a paper saying any thing that I paid for it, well Next day which is today Jan 13, 2014 I called the store to see if it were shipped out can not find it, not to mention I called the store were I bought it from spoke to manager and he said he would call me back. It would be in 20 min. No that did not happen. Now I am spending more time looking for it than enjoying it again, I will never do business with them again................
cathy w. says:

I agree with the review about false advertising , I'm an employee at Tanger Outlets in Riverhead , N.Y. . wilsons went around giveing mall employees a green savings card that represented it self as a additional 40% off clearance and liquidation . The card even has a bar code on it and an exp. date . When going to wilsons they tell you it,s already marked down . even though the card states an addional 40%. When i asked what the sense of the card was,their response was that(it,s just to get the employees there) to make them aware of the sale. I call that very,very poor marketing and advertising I will never shop there again. Also the same product is online for the same price for weeks. SHAME ON YOU WILSONS !
Genie Harris says:

Purchased a coat at the Branson store and they called up to Wisconsin to get my coat to me. They were very nice and accommodating at the store, I expressed some reservation about it because I knew if it didn't fit me I would have to pay shipping charges. They shipped it to me with out a receipt and I have been through quite a bit trying to resolve the situation. Finally someone just called and said they found my receipt and are sending it to me. But, I literally had to throw a fit....hate doing that. Will not purchase again from this store.

Anonymous says:

Do not try to return an item at Wilson Leather,I returned a purse on Aug 1,2011 and they were suppose to credit my account,well needless to say it is now Sept 15th and still have not received my money back for the purse I returned,I have made several trips to the store,spoke with 2 different managers,promised several times to return my phone call and of course no return call received,was told at one point to go to my bank and see why I had not received my money,they laughed and said why would Wilson send you to us? I said I dont know,they replied never has a company sent a customer to the bank when it is their responsiblity to figure out why I hadnt received my refund,I am so frustrated with Wilson's,I dont know who to talk to,anyone have any ideas?

Dissatisfied customer in Petaluma California

Jo says:

DO NOT EVER GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, either by opening an account with them online or through a purchase. They flood your email box with junk mail and no matter how hard you try they will NEVER TAKE YOU OFF THEIR LIST.

I can only speak from my experience. I bought one item from them that is fine, but it is WAY not worth the headache I've had trying to get off their mailing list, which I am STILL ON.


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